Board of Directors

Stephen Hyde (Chairman)

Chartered Engineer and Managing Director of a Building and Development Company.

Andy McIntosh

Emeritus Professor of Thermodynamics and author of over 200 research papers. Prof. McIntosh’s research includes biomimetics where natural mechanisms are studied with a view to using them for engineering applications. He continues to work on ignition and in particular, his research on the minute combustion chamber of the bombardier beetle. This has inspired a patented novel spray technology with applications to fuel injectors, pharmaceutical sprays, fire extinguishers and aerosols, and was awarded the 2010 Times Higher Education award for the Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology. His work has also included investigations into the fundamental link between thermodynamics and information. He has taken part in public debates and written numerous articles concerning the debate on Origins.

Philip Metcalfe

An agriculturalist, also involved with the publication and distribution of evangelical Christian literature, particularly in the Russian language.

John Perfect

A retired teacher with almost four decades of experience in the public and private sectors.

Maurice Roberts

Until recently, Minister of the Inverness congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). Rev. Roberts is well known as a conference speaker in many countries around the world and was formerly a school classics teacher.

Steve Taylor

Professor of Electromagnetics and Physical Electronics, whose expertise and focus area is Mass Spectrometry and Instrumentation, his research involves design, simulation and fabrication of micro-engineered electronic devices as well as detailed physical measurements at nanoscale dimensions. For his work on portable mass spectrometry Professor Taylor was awarded a DSc in 2013 and he is founder of a successful spin out company in this area. He is author or co-author of over 330 published papers, patents and articles in the scientific literature and Fellow of two Professional institutions. He has held visiting Professorships in two other Universities and has strong collaborative links with Universities in the USA (MIT, Purdue and University of Texas South Western), in Europe (Universities of Marseille, Athens and ETH-Zurich) and in China.

N.B. The views of our scientific panel and directors are particular to the scientists and academics in question and may not represent the position of their respective institutions in every case.