How True Science Grew out of the Reformation

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Professor Andy McIntosh shows how true science grew out of the Reformation, as the Christian worldview was re-established, a worldview which underpinned the work and research of men like Newton, Kepler, Boyle, Faraday, and Maxwell.

Sessions from this Summer School:

Introduction to the Summer School (Pastor Stephen Hyde)

Theistic Evolution? Does it really matter? (Dr Stephen Lloyd)

How True Science Grew out of the Reformation (Prof Andy McIntosh) - This session

Believing in Creation while Studying Zoology (Student Testimony: Jess)

A Christian Worldview and the Practice of Medicine (Nigel Jones)

Geological Evidence of a Worldwide Flood (Paul Garner)

Chemistry - Evolution's Enemy, but the Bible's Friend (Nick Cowan)

The Biochemistry and Neuroscience of Vision (Pastor Andrew Saywell)

The Extraordinary Bombardier Beetle (Prof Andy McIntosh)