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We are told by those who claim to know these things that long ago in a forgotten world, it was a time where monsters roamed the planet, where great creatures ruled the Earth. No one knows what actually happened in this distant past, even though the prevailing claim is that, 65 million years ago, a great catastrophe befell the planet and these great creatures were wiped out. Buried in mud and ice, their fossilised remains were first brought into the public eye in 1811 by a young girl, named Mary Anning. With further discoveries the public became mesmerised by these great creatures.

There are still many unanswered questions. How were the dinosaurs wiped out? How do fossils form instead of just rotting away? And how can we know how old they really are?

In recent years, discoveries regarding dinosaur remains are causing a great stir in the fossil collecting community which have been kept quiet... until now. In point of fact, these new discoveries are so unsettling they were considered impossible, a mistake. This 60 minute documentary follows paelobiologist Joseph Hubbard who interviews a number of scientists that have discovered astonishing new finds that, if proved to be correct, will have a significant bearing on the beliefs we have about the distant past and the origins of the human race.

N.B. The views of our scientific panel and directors are particular to the scientists and academics in question and may not represent the position of their respective institutions in every case.