The Transgender Agenda (Digital Download Available)


On this page you can purchase a hard copy of the DVD, for the digital download click here.


On this page you can purchase a hard copy of the DVD, for the digital download click here.

This DVD, produced by Truth in Science, is a scientific and compassionate response to an ideology that cannot be supported by science, namely transgenderism. They recognise that gender dysphoria is based in the mind and should be treated as any other mental illness, with patience and compassion for the individual. Their particular focus is to safeguard children from this ideology that is promoted through social media, which deny male and female are fixed from the moment of conception, but suggests children can be any gender they choose to be.

Children are sometimes confused about their gender, and may go through a phase wanting to be the opposite sex. But this is something they usually grow out of once they go through the natural process of puberty. To affirm a child as the opposite gender to their biological sex, and then administer puberty blocking drugs followed by a lifelong course of sex hormones is to hijack the normal development of children. This pathway often leads to mutilating surgery of healthy bodies, which renders the individual sterile and prone to a number of physical and mental health issues.

Gender identity disorder, now relabelled as gender dysphoria, is a condition that exists in the mind. Like other mental disorders, such as anorexia, we need to compassionately offer counselling that helps the individual adapt their mind to their body. We should not be administering a life-long course of hormones that are contrary to their nature and surgically mutilating their body, which leave them without a chance of having children of their own and other unforeseen health issues.

Those who have the responsibility to care for children should be informed of these dangers and safeguard children who are too young to be making decisions that are irreversible and where we still do not know the long term outcome. As one doctor states, this is an unregulated live experiment on the most vulnerable in society. We must not fail in our duty of care.

N.B. The views of our scientific panel and directors are particular to the scientists and academics in question and may not represent the position of their respective institutions in every case.