Research: Astronomy


  1. What is astronomy? 
  2. Could there have been something before the big bang? 
  3. What is the cosmological principle? 
  4. How was the first quasar discovered? 
  5. How can astronomers tell how far away galaxies are? 
  6. How big is the universe? 
  7. Why do some planets spin backwards? 
  8. What keeps solar systems and galaxies together? 
  9. What are some things Einstein's theory of relativity deal with? 

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Astronomy Films Playlist

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Evidence for a young earth D Faulkner
Features of earth D Faulkner

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What is big bang theory? D Faulkner
Complexity of the earth and universe D Faulkner
The cosmological principle D Faulkner
Quasars and black holes D Faulkner
Red shift D Faulkner
Backwards planets D Faulkner
Theory of relativity D Faulkner