Research: Genetics


  1. What is genetics? 
  2. Where did the first life form come from? 
  3. How complex is the simplest lifeform? 
  4. What are the building blocks of life? 
  5. What is DNA? 
  6. What are chromosomes and how many does each human have? 
  7. Are there limits to genetic mutations? 
  8. Could life have begun by random chance or natural selection? 

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Genetics Films Playlist

Select a film from the list below.

What is DNA? G Purdom
What is DNA? 2 N Jeanson
How does DNA work? N Jeanson
What about RNA? N Jeanson
Did DNA start as RNA? G Purdom
Can you explain mutations? G Purdom
Are there limits to genetic change? G Purdom
Is natural selection evolution? G Purdom

More Films Relevant to Genetics
Overview of the cell 2 N Jeanson
Endosymbiosis theory G Purdom
Are we bananas? G Purdom
Are Mendel's experiments valid? N Jeanson
What is epigenetics? G Purdom