Research: Science


  1. What is science and how are things discovered? 
  2. What's the difference between observational and speculative science? 
  3. Is scientific theory and fact the same thing? 
  4. What are the building blocks of life? 
  5. How complex is the simplest lifeform? 
  6. What mistakes have been made in science? 
  7. Can we trust what scientists tell us? 
  8. Can we predict the future for scientific discovery? 

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Science Films Playlist

Select a film from the list below.

What is science? S Taylor
What is science and theory? D Faulkner
Are mistakes ever made in science? A McIntosh
Where is science headed? A McIntosh
Overview of the cell 2 N Jeanson
Cell complexity N Iskander
Complexity of the cell N Jeanson

More Films Relevant to Science
DNA code N Iskander
Biology engineering viewpoint A McIntosh
Can you define irreducible complexity? A McIntosh
Machines in nature DNA A McIntosh
Design S Burgess
Carbon 14 dating S Taylor
Metamorphosis A McIntosh