Summer School

There are great stresses placed upon students attending university. This is especially so when taking a stand for the Christian faith. The woke movement has created a culture of intolerance to anyone that does not affirm their agenda. How are young people to engage in their studies in science and the humanities without being silenced? Theistic evolution has become mainstream within Christian Unions, but do those who attend realise this stance is not in keeping with the Bible or good science? This summer school was initiated to help students understand the cultural influences and provide them with a balanced approach of speaking up for the truth in a spirit of Christian love.

Student Testimony

This year's Summer School will take place on 31st August to 1st September at Yarnfield Park.

This year our speakers included Dr Nigel Jones (medicine), Paul Garner (geology), Dr Stephen Lloyd (theology), Prof Stuart Burgess (engineering), Pastor Paul Smith (identity), Jacob Saywell (biochemistry), Andrew Clark (education), Phil Mac (logic), Andrew Saywell (biochemistry), Matthew Seymour (current affairs), Peter Williams (reliability), Joe Hubbard (palaeontology), and Libby Powell (current affairs). We also had two student testimonies, time for two break out sessions (with 8 to chose from), question panels and much more.

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Those wishing to attend the Summer School can sign up here. When doing so it is important to include the following information:
- Your name
- Name of the town/city you live in
- The name of your School, College, or University (if attending one)
- A line or two about your interests
- Any allergies or special dietary requirements you have